Takeo Shrine

Takeo Shrine
Takeo Shrine
Takeo Shrine

You walk through the bamboo woods behind the main hall of Takeo Shrine and come out into an open space to find the Great Camphor Tree of Takeo, which, after the long years of its life of 3,000 years, is still vigorously living for eternity. Its solemn and stately energy will surely give you an awe.

On the shrine site are two sacred trees intertwined at their roots and branches as if by god’s magnificence. They are believed to bring good fortune for love, marriage, business and finance and attract many visitors.

It is also believed that tying a Horai bell purchasable at the shrine to the strings hanging from the sacred trees and praying for it will make you even more fortunate and visitors dedicate more than 10 thousand bells to the tree every year.

Basic information

Address 5333, Takeo, Takeo-cho, Takeo City (武雄市武雄町武雄5335)
Official Name 武雄神社
Takeo Shrine
Opening Hours Regular Hours 9 AM - 5 PM
January 1st 12 Midnight -10 PM
January 2nd 8 AM - 9 PM
January 3rd 8 AM - 8 PM
December 31st 9 AM - 12 Midnight
Access - 5 Min. by Taxi from JR Takeo-onsen Station of Sasebo Line

Parking Availability Free Parking Available for 100 Cars
Cell Phone Battery Charging Unavailable
Wi-fi Availability In Preparation
Estimated Time to Enjoy 30 Minutes - 1 hour
Reservation Not Necessary

Tobacco Only in Designated Smoking Area
Foreign Language Support Enjoyable without understanding Japanese
English Signboard Available
English Website Available
MAPCODE 104 377 173*63


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