Takeo Onsen Hoyo Mura Village

Takeo Onsen Hoyo Mura Village
Takeo Onsen Hoyo Mura Village
Takeo Onsen Hoyo Mura Village

Hoyo Mura Village (100 hectares) located in the southern part of Takeo city, consists of 5 accommodation facilities and a park with a large grass field. Saga Prefectural Space & Science Museum, where you can learn more about space and science, is right next to the facility. 
With the rich greenery creating the fresh air and the hot spring with healthy and skin beautifying effects, this is a perfect place for you to refresh your body and soul.
At the Seseragi Promenade, you can see natural crabs and small fish living there and enjoy sun-bathing and bird watching at Hotaruike/multi-purpose square.
Cherry blossoms bloom in Spring, and you can see the Genji fireflies dancing in late-May as well. Furthermore, you can also enjoy swan boat or rowing in the lake.

Basic information

Address Nagashima, Takeo-cho, Takeo City, Saga
Official Name 武雄温泉保養村
Closed [Sightseeing Boat]
Weekdays from Jan 1st until late Feb
Weekdays from Nov 1st until Dec 31st
Opening Hours [Sightseeing Boat]
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Access About 10 Minute Drive from Takeo Kitagata Interchange of Nagasaki Expressway
Parking Availability Free Parking Available for 200 Cars
Cell Phone Battery Charging Not Available
Credit Card Acceptance Not Acceptable
Estimated Time to Enjoy 1 to 2 Hours
Admission Fee Admission Free
Sightseeing Boat
[White Swan Boat 450 Yen for 30 Minutes, Rowing 380 Yen for 30 Minutes]
Reservation Not Necessary (reservation required for the event square)
Tobacco Allowed Only at the Designated Area
Foreign Language Support Enjoyable without Understanding Japanese
MAPCODE 104 349 258*08


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