Takekoba Kiln No Mori Park, Hiryuu Kiln

Takekoba Kiln No Mori Park, Hiryuu Kiln
Takekoba Kiln No Mori Park, Hiryuu Kiln

Hiryugama is a climbing kiln which was built in Kuromuta, Takeuchi-cho as a base of the pottery industry of Takeo and its cubic capacity boasts the world's largest scale. It consists of 4 pits, each of which has the depth of 8.9 meters, the width of 3.8 meters and the height of 3.4 meters; almost the size of a large bus. The length of the whole kiln is 23 meters, which allows it to burn about 120 thousand tea cups at the same time. You can also join a pottery making (pottery hand making) workshop at the adjoining factory. Every year around mid-March, an event where thousands of lanterns will be lit at the same time, is held here.

Basic information

Address 24001-1, Mateno, Takeuchi-cho, Takeo City, Saga
Official Name 竹古場キルンの森公園 飛龍窯
Closed Tuesdays / Year End and New Year's Holidays (Dec 28th - Jan 3rd)
Opening Hours 9:00AM - 5:00PM
Access 20 Minute Drive from Takeo Onsen Station
Parking Availability Free Parking Available for 50 Cars
Cell Phone Battery Charging Available
Wi-fi Availability Available at All Areas
Credit Card Acceptance Not Available
Estimated Time to Enjoy Varies by Events or Contents of the Workshop
(Around 30 Min. to 2 Hours or more)
Admission Fee Painting 900 - 1,400 Yen
Pottery Wheel 1,600 Yen
Itazara (board plate) Making 1,600 Yen
Hand Pottery Making 1,400 Yen
Mini Lantern 1,400 Yen
Reservation Itazara workshop and mini lantern workshop: at least 3 days prior

Painting, pottery hand making and pottery wheel workshop: advance reservation required
Tobacco Only at Designated Smoking Area
Foreign Language Support Enjoyabale without Understanding Japanese
Notes We are constantly updating our FB page!
MAPCODE 104 523 452*16


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