Imari Arita Ware Traditional Crafts Center

Imari Arita Ware Traditional Crafts Center
Imari Arita Ware Traditional Crafts Center
Imari Arita Ware Traditional Crafts Center

This facility opened in 1980 when Imari Ware and Arita Ware were designated as Important Traditional Craftworks by the national government. It features an exhibition room which showing the works of kilns in the Imari and Arita areas and a historical archive room which exhibits old pieces of Nabeshima Ware and other historical articles. You can learn how pottery was changed historically by looking at both of these exhibition rooms. A workshop room is available for group customers to try their hands at pottery painting.
“International Amateur Ceramics Contest” judged by prestigious and representative artisans of Saga named the 14th generation Nakazato Tarouemon, the 14th generation Imaizumi Imaemon and the 15th generation Sakaida Kakiemon is held from the end of March to the beginning of April.

Basic information

Address 221-2, Okawachi-cho-Hei, Imari City, Saga (佐賀県伊万里市大川内町丙221-2)
Official Name Imari-Arita Ware Traditional Crafts Center

Closed Year End and New Year's Holidays
Opening Hours 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Access 15 Min. by Saihi Bus from Imari Station
10 Min. by Taxi from Imari Station
Parking Availability Free Parking Available for 450 Cars
(During Pottery Fair, Paid Parking Available)
Cell Phone Battery Charging Unavailable
Wi-fi Availability Available in Some Areas
Password is Required
Credit Card Acceptance Not Accepted
Estimated Time to Enjoy 1 to 2 Hours
Admission Fee Painting Workshop 800 Yen and Up
Reservation Reservation is needed for painting workshop in case of a group of 10 people or more.
Tobacco Only in Designated Smoking Area
Foreign Language Support Multilingual Brochures Available (English,Chinese,Korean)
MAPCODE 104 512 849*18


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