Saga Shrine

Saga Shrine
Saga Shrine
Saga Shrine

Saga Shrine is the only shrine in Saga Prefecture that was designated as the special government shrine and enshrines the 10th lord of the Nabeshima Domain, Naomasa Nabeshima and Naohiro, the 11th lord. Matsubara Shrine, which adjoins Saga Shrine, is worshiped as the shrine enshrining the souls of the ancestors of the Nabeshima Family including Naoshige, the founder of Nabeshima Domain, and Katsushige, the 1st lord of the domain. There are also 8 other sub-shrines on the site of Saga Shrine and they attract people for the belief that visiting all of them will make the visitor’s dream come true. A New Year event in which a canon is shot for celebration by the governor, mayor and other participants is held at the shrine at the midnight of December 31st. It is well worth checking out.

Basic information

Address 2-10-43, Matsubara, Saga City (佐賀県佐賀市松原2-10-43)
Official Name 佐嘉神社
Closed Unavailable
Opening Hours 5:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Reconfirmation Needed During New Years Period
Access - About 20 Min. Drive from Saga Yamato Interchange
- About 7 Minutes by Bus from Saga Station Bus Center
- About 7 Min. by Taxi from Saga Station
- About 15 Min. Walk from Saga Station
- About 20 Min. by Bus from Saga Airport
Parking Availability Pay Parking is Available in the Vicinity (100 yen per 60 Min.)
Cell Phone Battery Charging Unavailable
Wi-fi Availability Available in Some Areas
Estimated Time to Enjoy 30 Min. to 1 Hour
Admission Fee Free
Tobacco Only in Designated Smoking Area
Foreign Language Support English brochure is available.


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