Premium Lounge SAGANOGARA

Premium Lounge SAGANOGARA
Premium Lounge SAGANOGARA
Premium Lounge SAGANOGARA

Enjoy the space filled with the appeal of Saga, with the concept of "Saga pattern" woven by the beautiful scenery of Saga, the culture of craftmanship that Saga is proud of, and traditional techniques.
We offer various beverages from Saga.
All seats are equipped with Wi-Fi, power supply, and USB jack.
Acrylic panel installed to prevent droplet infection.

Basic information

Official Name Premium Lounge さがのがら。
Closed No regular holidays
Opening Hours From 08:30 to boarding announcement for the last domestic flight (open all year round)
*It will be changed at any time depending on the flight status.
For details, please check the website, at the facility, or by phone.
Access 35-minute bus ride from Saga Station Bus Center
Parking Availability Free parking available (capacity: 2,200 cars)
Cell Phone Battery Charging Available
Wi-fi Availability Available on the premises (no password required)
Credit Card Acceptance Accepted (JCB/ Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express/ Union Pay/ Diners Club)
Reservation Not required
Tobacco Smoking area available
Rate (per person) Adult (age 12 and above): \1,000 (without tax)
Child (age 3 and above - under 12): \500 (without tax)
Under age 3.: free
*Free for senior members of affiliated credit card companies
Foreign Language Support Enjoyable even if you don't understand Japanese
Notes Other charges
[My Airport Club Member] Adult (age 12 and over): \800 (with tax) / Child (age 3 and over - under 12): \400 (with tax)
Only available to My Airport Club Members.
Please show your membership card and boarding pass at the reception.

[My Airport Declaration Office]
\500 (with tax)/person
Please show the coupon at the reception.
Please show your boarding pass when using it.
It can be used by up to one companion, including those who send you off.

[Private room charter (1 hour)]
Room A (capacity of 4 people): \3,300 (with tax)
Room B (capacity of 4 people): \3,300 (with tax)
Room A/B (capacity of 8 people): \5,500 (with tax)
MAPCODE 688 261 017*12


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