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Yoshinogari Historical Park

Yoshinogari Ruins are Japan's largest ruins that are academically very important. Yoshinogari dates back 2,400 years and lasted for about 700 years. In Yoshinogari Historical Park, there are restored buildings and fences of the time and the world of the 3rd century AD is reproduced. Visitors can enjoy workshops such as ancient manufacturing and fire making, as well as delicious cuisine made with local ingredients at the restaurant.


Jun-Jul: Oga Lotus Flower in Yoshinogari Historical Park

Oga Lotus Flower was first bred from the seed discovered by the botanist, Dr. Ichiro Oga, at the archaeological ruins in Chiba City in 1951. Oga Lotus Flower which was found in the 2,000 year old ruins. As their flowers close in the afternoon, you get to see them blooming only in the morning.


Oct: Yoshinogari Fursato Fire Festival

A festival produced by the locals and themed on fire (flame), which is the ultimate foundation of human life. In the festival, you can enjoy a fantastic world of fire with the lighting ceremony, torch march and other events.


Dec: Yoshinogari Hikari no Hibiki

The winter solstice used to be the day when people celebrated the beginning of Spring in the Yayoi period. Now we celebrate the visit of the winter solstice at Yoshinogari Historical Park. Enjoy the longest night of the year with lights, fires and music. Starmine (Successive Fireworks) - 20:00 START Dynamic display of 700 fireworks launched successively. Hot-air Balloon Night Glow - 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM A fantastic atmosphere will be created with balloons illuminated by the burner fire at dusk. 15 to 20 balloon are scheduled to be anchored.


【Rent-a-Cycle】Professor Wani Memorial Park

"The park honours Dr. Wani, who was invited by Emperor Ojin at the beginning of the 5th century to introduce Chinese characters and Confucianism to Japan for the first time.It is very close to Yoshinogari Historical Park."

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