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There are 3 kinds of buildings, the main building, the east building and the separate cottage. Each takes in mild sun and wind of Ureshino which add planer width and three-dimensional depth to the entire hotel. You can have unique experiences for each building, floor and room in this very quiet place that you wouldn't think is in the center of hot spring district.


Taishoya Shiibasanso

This is a hotel surrounded by nature along the river at the foot of Mt. Shiiba, in Saga of Kyushu. The sound of rapids and winds blowing in the valley. You can see wild nature here as far as the eye can see. Please enjoy your "luxurious time with no duty" in the nature.


Yushuku Seiryuu

Yushuku Seiryuu is a 2-story Japanese style hot spring inn with a spacious garden. There are 25 guest rooms in Japanese, Western and semi-Japanese style to choose from. With reasonable room rates, this inn is perfect for a casual stay.



Located along the Ureshino River, this modernized SAGA inn has a rich history of over 90 years. Once you take one step into the nostalgic atmosphere, immediately you will notice the scent of tea leaves and hear the jazz music that heals your soul. Awarded 3 Pavilions by the 2014 Michelin Guide.



Welcome to a Japanese style hotel, Warakuen located just next to the river in Ureshino Onsen. Here you can enjoy their special onsen such as Japan's first open-air bath using local special green tea, "Ryokusen" or the chartered open-air bath. Our chef will serve, with his heart, the dishes of seasonal fresh ingredients. Relax yourself in the atmosphere of Japan and have a calm quiet moment.



This nostalgic hotel was founded 60 years ago. The Ureshino Hot Springs are designated as one of the "3 Designated Skin Beautifying Hot Springs"in Japan. It is a natural hot spring with thick-textured water that makes you feel like you are bathing in a skin lotion.


Hana No Shizuku

Our special dishes are made with ingredients carefully picked from various areas of Kyushu! The quality hot spring water with a thick texture like a lotion flows straight from the source! Spend a relaxing time while looking over the elegant stream of the Ureshino River.


Onyado Takasago

This quite inn along the river is reminiscent of the Edo Period. The outdoor hot spring by the river is especially popular.


Ryokan Sentourou

This hot spring inn is located in a laidback countryside where you can hear the murmur of the river and enjoy the exquisite beauty of the natural scenery with the terraced rice fields, dragonflies and green tea plantations.


Hamilton Ureshino

Hamilton Ureshino is housed in a western style building located on a hill in the hot spring town Ureshino. This hotel has an unassuming Japanese taste and the warmth of wood, which create the atmosphere of the old cultural movement in the inter-war period called “Taisho Roman.” Authentic Italian cuisines that can be enjoyed in the nostalgic atmosphere and relaxation & aesthetic treatment available at this hotel are very popular among female customers and make one of the many reasons why people keep coming back to this hotel.


Hotel Kasuien

This hotel re-opened after renovation in 2010. The outdoor hot spring on the 9th floor is one of the tallest spots in the Ureshino Area and the view from it is amazing. The traditional Japanese Kaiseki dishes offered by the chief chef and the meticulous services of this hotel have gained high reputations.



Walking into the lobby, the first thing guests would notice is the atrium lobby where the bright natural light shines in from the top. One of the main attractions is "Waterfall of The Four Seasons" On the waterfall screen , seasonal flowers appear. We are proud of the bath on the top floor.


Sansui Global Inn

This is an inn of Gensen Kakenagashi (hot spring water directly from the source flowing through the tub without circulation) and art. This accommodation meets the various needs of business travelers, couples and families. There are 12 single rooms, 16 twin rooms and 3 triple rooms and WiFi is available in all rooms.


Hisago Ryokan

This is a long-established small inn where you can enjoy a homey atmosphere. Delicious Japanese style dishes are delivered to each guest room and you can enjoy bathing in orange peel bath in a private bath room Don’t worry about the language because a translation app for ipad will help you communicate with the Japanese staff. Or, you can enjoy listening to and learning some Japanese here at this inn.


Souan Yococho

Yococho is the place where Ureshino Hot spring's specialty "Onsen Yudofu (tofu boiled in hot spring water)" originated in. In pursuit of the mild texture and deep taste of the tofu, we are very particular about our home-made tofu. A wide variety of foods such as Yudofu or other set meals, kids menu, local sake, appetizers, etc. are served.


Siebold No Yu

Ureshino Hot Springs in Saga have been well-known as one of Japan's Best 3 Hot springs for beautiful skin. At "Siebold No Yu," your skin will be revived and you may enjoy the skin-beautifying effect.


Siebold's Footbath

Siebold's Footbath is named after the story that Siebold who largely contributed to the Japan's Western medicine visited Ureshino Hot Spring. Soaking your feet in a hot spring improves blood circulation and your whole body can be warmed up. This place is used as a place where the locals and tourists can mingle.


Yushuku Hiroba (Public Foot Bath & Foot Steam Bath)

At Yushuku Hiroba, foot bath and foot steam bath are available. The mist of hot spring water gives you a different way to enjoy skin-beautify effect of Ureshino Onsen.


Jun: Firefly Watching Bus Tour in Ureshino Hot Springs

Ureshino that forms a basin has many firefly watching spots in the outskirts of the hot spring town. In Ureshino, you can join a bus tour which goes around those spots. The bus tour is only available to overnight guests at the hotels and inns in Ureshino. No participation fee is needed and you just need to make a reservation to join the tour.


Ureshino Hot Springs

Ureshino Hot Spring has a history of 1,300 years. There are many traditional Japanese inns and you can enjoy the distinctive atmosphere and feel the history of the onsen town. It is also known as one of Japan’s three major hot springs for beautiful skin.

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