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Nakamasu Ryokan

We would like you to enjoy the collection of the antiques as well as the silky and smooth hot spring water at our spacious bath.


Kaze No Mori

This is a separate cottage-type inn exclusively designed for a group of two people. It is a perfect place to visit with your beloved one. Spend a holiday in the matured atmosphere at this inn with the elegant guest rooms and the self-serve bar.


Onyado Chikurintei

You can look over a beautiful scenery of a huge garden from our 1500-square meter building. As if it were an entrance to the four seasons, it is filled by tender aroma harmonized with nature.



There are seven types of guest rooms with different tastes, such as Sukiya-style guest rooms, modern Japanese-style guest rooms, Scandinavian-style guest rooms, and guest rooms with open-air baths. There are three private hot springs with different tastes, such as Hinoki-no-Yu, Sakura-no-Yu, and Sugi-no-Yu. In addition to the four seasons kaiseki cuisine, we also have Saga beef steak plan, Saga beef shabu-shabu plan, tempura plan, spiny lobster plan, blowfish hot pot plan, etc. In 1993 and 1994, received the Grand Prix of the Japan Onsen Ryokan Award. In 1999, appeared in "Iron Chef" In 2014 and 2019, won Michelin Guide 3 Red Pavilion.



This is a famous Japanese hot spring area with a history of 1,300 years. The hot spring quality here is known for its great effect for beautifying skin and relieving fatigue. Well-known historical figures such as Miyamoto Musashi, Siebold, Date Masamune and Ino Tadataka are said to have enjoyed bathing here.


UNIQLO Takeo Branch

Located in 15 minute walk from Takeo Hot Spring Area, you can drop by this store in a spare time. Duty free service is available (for a purcahse of 10,001 Yen or more)!


Takeo Hot Springs

Takeo Onsen known for its soft texture of water is a historic hot spring town and it is even mentioned in "Hizen Fudoki," a chorography written 1,300 years ago. The vermillion-lacquered Romon Tower Gate standing at the entrance of the hot springs is a must-see.


Sakurayama Park & Takeo Hot Spring [Olle]

About 1,300 years ago, Takeo Hot Spring sprung from the foot of a steep rocky mountain and has since been considered as a place that can bring good health to visitors with its power of nature. At Sakurayama Park, which is located in the hot spring area, sit 88 Buddhist statues that have smiles on their faces and are praying for the hot springs to prosper and the holy power of the land to increase. It would be interesting to look for Buddhist statues scattered around the park like a treasure hunt. The hot spring of Takeo is known for the effect to keep moisture in your skin and is referred to as “the hot spring for beautiful women.” In Takeo, there are also public facilities where you can drop by just for hot spring. The town is also known for pottery kilns each of which has unique features and a history of over 400 years. You can try your hand at pottery making at many of them.


March Cherry Blossoms of Sakurayama Park

Sakurayama Park behind the Takeo Romon Gate is filled with 500 Somei Yoshino cherry blossoms and Yae cherry blossoms in full bloom, and it is a popular spot for hot spring visitors to take a walk. Takeo Hot Spring Romon Gate and New Building in vermilion and white color are gorgeously decorated by the cherry blossoms.


November Autumn Leaves of Sakurayama Park

Located behind Takeo Hot Spring, the whole mountain beautifully turns red. There is a strangely shaped rock rising on the top of the mountain, and you can see the lovely heart-shaped washbasin at Konpira-gu Shrine, which is, people who know will know, for the fulfillment of love.

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