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Noodle Restaurant Issey

The Saga Prefectural Art Museum, Saga Prefectural Museum, Saga Castle History Museum, and parks are all located within a five minute walk from this noodle restaurant. We are serving udon noodles, soba noodles and rice bowls that children, elders, and international customers can all enjoy.


Saga Castle History Museum

Saga Domain, the one shined the most in Japan during the late Edo - Restoration period. Saga Castle History Museum was opened as a facility to help convey the stories of that period in a simpler way. This facility takes pride in its scale of 2400 square meters, as the remains of Saga Castle's Inner Circle Palace from Tenpo period was restored while being conserved at the same time.


Saga Castle Park

Rows of cherry blossoms trees lining up along the large moat surrounding the Ruins of Saga Castle. A lot of cultural facilities such as art museums, history museums, Saga Castle History Museum, etc. are available inside and around the garden. You can enjoy strolling around the castle town in the beautiful scenery.


BALLOONERS CYCLE (HELLO CYCLING)Saga City Station (14 Locations)

You can travel easily by electric bicycle.It's a share cycle linked to the app, and you can make reservations and make payments with the app.It's a shared cycle, so you only have to pay the usage fee from station to station.For example, you can use it from Saga Station to Saga Balloon Museum within 15 minutes for a fee of 70 yen.If it's within 12 hours, the maximum fare will be 1000 yen.The app can be downloaded and displayed in English and Chinese. The stations are as follows: 1. Saga Station South Exit 1 Ekimaechuo, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 2. Saga Station North Exit 1 Ekimaechuo, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 3. Saga City Hall 1-1 Sakaemachi, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 4. Saga City Cultural Museum 16-1 Yanagimachi, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 5. Saga Balloon Museum 2-18 Matsubara, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 6. Main gate of Saga University 1 Honjomachi, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 7. Edaume Sake Brewery 1-2-32 Yae, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 8. Saga Prefectural Office 1-1-59 Jonai, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 9. Saga Castle History Museum Parking Lot 2-18-1 Jonai, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 10. Bridge Station Doronpa 214-4 Morodomi-cho, Saga-city, Saga Prefecture 11. Saga Prefectural Gymnasium 1-21-15 Hinode, Saga City, Saga Prefecture   12. Saga Prefectural Sports Complex 2-1-10 Hinode, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 13. Higashiyoka Culture Hall Fureaikan 1228-3 Shimokoga, Higashiyoka-cho, Saga City, Saga Prefecture 14. Higatayoka Park 2885-2 Shimokoga, Higashiyoka-cho, Saga City, Saga Prefecture

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