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Nagoya Castle Museum

"The Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum is engaged in the preservation and maintenance of the special historic site, Nagoya Castle ruins and Jin ruins. We also research, study, and introduce the Bunroku-Keicho War (the Jinshin-Teiyu Waran), as well as the history of the long-term exchange between the Japanese islands and the Korean Peninsula and are aiming to become base between the two countries. In March of the 4th year of Reiwa, the ""golden tea room"" used by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in Nagoya Castle will be revealed at the museum after more than 400 years. Take a look at it that is loved by one who once took control of the world."


Nagoya Castle Ruins

Nagoya Castle was built as a base from which soldiers were dispatched to Korea when Toyotomi Hideyoshi invaded the country. The castle site is 17 hectare and back then was the second largest castle following Osaka Castle. Over 130 encampments of the vassal warlords were installed in the area around the castle at the time and attracted over 200 thousand people from around the nation.


Roadside Station Momoyama Tenkaichi

Many tourists stop by here on their way to seeing Saga's famous Nagoya Castle Ruins and the Hado Cape. Also, there is a restaurant serving Ika no Ikizukuri, or live squid sashimi, Momoyamatei Kaishu, and people from all over Japan are visiting here.


Mar-Apr: Cherry Blossoms of Nagoya Castle Ruins

Nagoya Castle Ruins is scattered with many atmospheric stone walls and has about 400 Someiyoshino cherry blossom trees and other plants that will come in full bloom in spring. The site is adjoined by Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum and the cafe “Chaen Kaigetsu,” which features an authentic tea ceremony room and a Japanese garden. The surrounding area also has many sites of old battle camps of famous feudal warlords. As the area is also a part of “Kyushu Olle Karatsu Course,” it would be a good idea to have a walking tour around here. Also worth checking out here is the night time lighting up of Nagoya Castle Ruins, which is held only during a certain period.

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