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"History and Shopping" Course

After we learn about the history of Saga during the late Edo period, we will visit the Yoshinogari Historical Park to see one of the largest historical ruins from ancient Japan. We will also stop by the Tosu Premium Outlet to shop.


Saga Castle History Museum

Saga Domain, the one shined the most in Japan during the late Edo - Restoration period. Saga Castle History Museum was opened as a facility to help convey the stories of that period in a simpler way. This facility takes pride in its scale of 2400 square meters, as the remains of Saga Castle's Inner Circle Palace from Tenpo period was restored while being conserved at the same time.



Saga Museum of History and Folk Culture (District)

Old Nagasaki Kaido Streets in Yanagi-machi, Saga City and 7 Historic Buildings in the surrounding areas include various styles of buildings from a Western style architecture built in early 20th century to a modern Japanese style architecture. Some of them also feature beautiful gardens that attract many people as great photo opportunity sites. At the old Fukuda Family’s house, one of the 7 buildings, you can join a workshop to try your hand on hand-weaving Saga Nishiki textile, the famous traditional crafts from Saga.



Yoshinogari Historical Park

Yoshinogari Ruins are Japan's largest ruins that are academically very important. Yoshinogari dates back 2,400 years and lasted for about 700 years. In Yoshinogari Historical Park, there are restored buildings and fences of the time and the world of the 3rd century AD is reproduced. Visitors can enjoy workshops such as ancient manufacturing and fire making, as well as delicious cuisine made with local ingredients at the restaurant.



Tosu Premium Outlets

The largest outlet in Kyushu has been powered up even more with an addition of 19 new stores, including 2 stores appearing for the first time in Japan's outlet, and 8 more stores appearing for the first time in Kyushu. You can enjoy one whole day of shopping in streets as if you have come overseas with various brands lining up, from high-end brands within the country or overseas to sports brands, accessories, etc.

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