Nagoya Castle Museum

Nagoya Castle Museum
Nagoya Castle Museum
Nagoya Castle Museum

We preserve the Special Historical Site "Ruins of Nagoya Castle and Bases". In addition, we are also aiming to become an academic and cultural inter-communion spot between Japan and Korea through the research and exhibition of the long history of interchange between two countries.

Basic information

Address 1931-3 Nagoya, Chinzei-cho, Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture
Official Name Saga Prefectural Nagoya Castle Museum
佐賀県立 名護屋城博物館
Closed Mondays (the following day if Monday is a Holiday), December 29 ~ December 31
Opening Hours 9AM~5PM
Access Take a Bus from JR Karatsu Station and get off at "Nagoya Hakubutsukan Iriguchi". 5 Min Walk from the bus stop.
Parking Availability Free parking available for 63 Normal cars (including 3 parking spaces for disabled people), and 7 buses
Cell Phone Battery Charging Unavailable
Credit Card Acceptance Unavailable
Estimated Time to Enjoy 30 mins~1 Hour
Admission Fee Free
* Not if there is a special exhibition
Reservation Not necessary (but, if you reserved, a curator will be a guide)
Tobacco Only in designated smoking area
Foreign Language Support Korean speaking staff available
Korean sign boards
Brochures (English, Korean)
Audio guidance (English, Chinese, Korean)
Notes Only if you apply in advance, Korean speaking curator will guide you through the museum and do an exhibition commentary. However, there is a possibility of Korean staff being absent on the day, so please confirm with us before your visit.

Guidance tablets set inside the museum or guidance video "The Grand Masterpiece Hizen Nagoya Castle" support foreign languages (English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean, Thai)

70 tablets installed with the guidance application of Nagoya Castle Ruins "Solve the mysteries of Hizen Nagoya Castle" (supports English, Chinese (Simplified, Traditional), Korean), and "VR Nagoya Castle" (only in Japanese), are rented out for free.

Virtual Nagoya Castle
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