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Karatsu Dai-ichi Hotel Riviere

This elegant hotel is featured in Michelin guide 2014 and faces slowly streaming Matsuura River. The guest room on the riverside command a beautiful view of Karatsu Castle, Nijino Matsubara Pine Woods and others. The hotel features a large bath room for staying guests.


Mizuno Ryokan

Located on the stone walking path very close to Karatsu Castle and Takatori’s former mansion, this inn is convenient for sightseeing. As the hotel is located on the coast of the Karatsu Bay, you can see the ocean from every room. For dinner, fresh seafood of the Genakai Sea and the local vegetables are served on Karatsu ceramics.



This is a quiet inn by the lake overlooking Karatsu Castle. The small Japanese style inn is located just off Daimyo Koji Dori Avenue. Located near the downtown area, there are many good restaurants in the vicinity of the inn. It also has a large parking space. This homelike inn is always waiting for your visit.


Jonai Hotel

Jonai Hotel is located in the downtown area and can be a great business base. Since the hotel is also close to Karatsu Castle, Former Takatori Residence and Nishinohama Beach, it is convenient for sightseeing as well.


Karatsu Castle

The original castle was built in 1608 by Terazawa Hirotaka, the first lord of the Karatsu Domain. The present castle keep tower was newly built in 1966 and you can overlook the Niji No Matsubara Pine Grove and the Karatsu Bay and the downtown area of Karatsu City from the top floor. It is also well known as a viewing spot of cherry blossoms and wisteria in Spring.



Ceramics found during the excavation of the Karatsu Castle Ruins and materials to show people's lives back in the Edo period are displayed. Since 2010, a part of the building has been opened to public as a repair space for the "Hikiyama" floats and allows you to see the tradition and culture through the craftsmanship.


Apr-May: Wisteria of Maizuru Park in Karatsu Castle

The wisteria here is over 100 years old, and it is designated as a natural monument of the city. The size of the wisteria trellis is about 500 square meters, and each of the stems with wisteria flowers draping from the ceiling is 1.3 meters long. You will be fascinated by the scenery created by a total of 500 thousand beautiful wisteria flowers.


Jul: Kyushu Firework Festival

This firework festival is one of the main summer events in Karatsu City, Saga. Approximately six thousand fireworks will be in the sky while more than two hundred thousand visitors come and watch. The climax is 2-feet fireworks and set fireworks called Niagara fall. The big and gorgeous fireworks shot off with Karatsu Castle in the background, decorate the summer sky.


March Cherry Blossoms of Karatsu Castle

Approximately 220 cherry blossoms trees such as Somei Yoshino bloom in the center of Karatsu castle. The place is crowded with people who come to enjoy the elegant figure of Karatsu castle and cherry blossoms.



"Enjoy live squid dishes, the specialty of Yobuko, at this inn where you can view Karatsu Castle. You can enjoy walking around Karatsu Castle which is the center of sightseeing in Karatsu City. "

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